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External Steering Committee


Dr. Lilyana

Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology
Program Director, Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship
Director, Keck Huntington Beach Multiple Sclerosis Infusion Program

Dr. Maria Houtchens.jpg

Dr. Maria Houtchens

Director of Women’s Health Program and Clinical Director
of the Brigham MS Center,
Boston MA

Dr. Jacqueline Rosenthal.jpg

Dr. Jackie

Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute

Dr Wissam Elamlik.jpg

Dr. Wisam

Northern Light Neurology and Northern Light Multiple Sclerosis Center
in Bangor, Maine
Assistant Professor at the University of New England

Dr. Bruce Hughes.jpg

Dr. Bruce Hughes

Associate Professor
in Neurology
Des Moines University College of Medicine
Director of Ruan Multiple Sclerosis Center
Mercy Medical Center
Des Moines, IA

Dr Robert Shin-01.jpg

Dr. Robert

Professor of Neurology at MedStar Georgetown
University Hospital and
Director of the Georgetown Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center

Merck_Doctors_Carrie Hersh_2.jpg

Dr. Carrie
M. Hersh

Assistant Professor of Neurology at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine,
MS Health and Wellness Program Director at the Lou Ruvo Center for
Brain Health

Merck_Doctors_Gabriel Pardo_2.jpg

Dr. Gabriel Pardo

Director of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center of Excellence and Associate Member of the OMRF Arthritis and Clinical Immunology Research Program

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